5 tips to clean your roof instead of replacing it

When the climate changes, you might want to tidy up your roof. Whether it is the onset of summers or winters, you must take out some time to clean up your roof. Whosoever looks at your home from the outside, the first thing they are going to glance at is your roof. So, your roof will enhance or diminish the external appeal of your home. On some occasions, homeowners call up contractors for replacement instead of getting into the cumbersome task of cleaning up their roof. In both cases of replacing or cleaning, it is better to contact professional contractors alike DFW Metal Roofing Pro, who are experienced at the job. Nonetheless, here are 5 tips to clean your roof:

  • Clean up algae – Moss or algae build-up on the roof during the wetter season. This happens especially in case your roof is older or there are trees around your roof. Apart from making your roof look unappealing, this algae growth is also unhealthy for your shingles.
  • Clean up Gutters – Cleaning up your gutters is an essential task you need to undertake at least 2-3 times in a year. Clogged gutters can cause serious damages to your roof if not handled in time. If you are a pro, then take up the task of cleaning up your gutters or else hire commercial roofers in Dallas, who can do the job for you.
  • Clear up Debris – Piles of leaves on your roof need to be cleaned up after storms or season change. Uncleaned piles on your roof can lead to moisture getting blocked which can further damage your shingles. If the debris is too much to remove yourself, look for professionals in roofing companies who can make life easy for you.
  • Trim the Trees – Do you have trees towering around your roof? Well, then you need to trim off those branches over your roof yourself or call up professionals. No doubt, a huge tree on your front yard will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home but a large branch of this tree can do more to your roof.
  • Any missing shingles – Check for any loose or missing shingles on your roof once you are done with cleaning it all up. Chances are you might find a few here and there. We’d suggest you take help from roofing contractors to help with repairs.

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